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Low voltage package modules (Õ ”)

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The devices of the following types are being produced:

  • Õ ” of –“«ő-88 line† for electric motors and mechanisms operation
  • Õ ” of asynchronized synchronous motors operation;
  • Input Õ ” including ATS for† current from 630A to 1600A;
  • Power distribution Õ ” with withdrawable circuit breakers, cellular construction† of† PTS type , also for application† at power facilities and gas-compressor stations ;
  • Õ ” for power distribution and control of power stations and substations auxiliary electric drives, protective panels, also including withdrawable circuit breakers;
  • Õ ” for substations† alternating-current distribution;
    Õ ” for control , protection, signaling system and automation;
  • Intelligent Õ ” with use of microprocessor-based units for operation in Automatic Engineering Process control Systems.

Low voltage package modules† are designed for control† of† actuators and mechanisms with power of to 10 kW and electric drives†† of stop and control valves with power of to 14-28 kW. Õ ” renders possible to form†† data signals† for control† system. List of signals and its requirements are formed by the† customer.

Õ ” are† being produced in cabinet construction with the use of instrumental production† both of in- house manufacture† (ŌŃ–, intelligent devices ŌŃ–-«», ŌŃ–-2», ‘÷, Ń–”, ń”Ō-Ő and etc.) and† of† leading domestic and foreign enterprises.

Design features of –“«ő-88 line cabinets

The cabinet is a consistent metal case, in which protective bays† and electric actuators† control bays (Ń«”) are fixed on vertical power-supply racks. In order to meet† customerís† wants maximally,† JSC "ABS Automation" rigs† HK” of –“«ő line, using constituent parts both† of in- house manufacture and of foreign producers (ęSchneider ElectricĽ, ęABBĽ, ęSiemensĽ, ęGeneral ElectricĽ).

Õ ” of –“«ő-88 line have the following design features:

  • Packages can be supplied in† the form of† sections with† several cabinets with the completed†† wiring work between the cabinets;
  • all control units, except unit† Ńő›5103¬, are designed for one connection, this† gives a† possibility to† fulfill cabinetís contents more optimally, also it†† simplifies† packagesí designing and improves† maintenance conditions;
  • terminal blocks ő’ and ő’“, through which blocks Ď power supply† is performed, they† are located† Ón cabinet rack mounting,† which makes possible to dismount† without power supply disconnection;
  • connection† of† the feeding power cable† is provided† with the use of† terminals «Õ24 on† 63 ņ (terminal block ő’“), which give the possibility to connect† 2 wires with the sectional view with the size of to 2 mm2 to one terminal ;
  • in asynchronous motorsí† control units with† short circuit rotor†† power terminals are additionally included, terminal blocks XT† of «Õ27 for† 40ņ type or «Õ24 for† 63 ņ (JSC ęVNIIRĽ), which give the possibility to hook up† outer cables† with the sectional view with the size of to 6mm2. The† starter ŌŐňřőő, used in blocks , gives† the possibility to hook up cables† with the sectional view with the size of no more than 2,5mm2;
  • in connection cabinetsí† input blocks†† the packet switch for† 40A is replaced on circuit breaker with rated current† 100A. By this replacement 2 tasks† are solved; firstly, the† safety level of attendance increases with† tripping† on and off of† the introductory apparatus, secondly, the possibility to increase blockís total power† in one cabinet;
  • connections† blocks Ď construction of is made†† in such a way, that during their installation, power† supply wires are wired† up on the† right cabinetís side, and outgoing wires are† on the left side. Bus riser PEN is specified† for hooking up of the strength member† outgoing cables† . Due to this conditions, comfortable wire installation† and outer cables† hooking up are provided;
  • input blocks of† connections cabinets have 2 modifications:
  • Ń0›8102¬ Ė Ń0›8102† blockís analogy , assembly† implementation ęŐĽ;
  • Ńő›8103¬ Ė with the additional relay, which contacts† are†† designed for operation† in circuits- 24 ¬, 10 žņ;
  • ę¬ņĽ blockí s implementation is† additionally inserted† with circuit replacements, because of† tailoring for work in Automatic Engineering Process Control system.
  • In cabinets with connection blocks the possibility of wires† input both on the upper† and under sides is specified, input† cabinets with the cable assembly devices also provide the possibility of universal wire management on the upper† and under sides;
  • This line also includes the implementation of an input† cabinet with the width† of 1200 mm and the depth of 400 mm with the cable assembly device, which gives the possibility of cableís† application both on the upper† and under sides;

Currently† ABS† ZEIM Automation also produces cabinets† with overall dimensions† 2000 x 800 x 400 mm, which enable† to control 16 mechanisms.

Measuring facilities and automation† equipment of production facilities

Equipmentís reliability† and efficiency† essentially depend on the applied† measuring facilities and automation† equipment in automation systems
ABS Holdingís† objective is providing of† new modernized automation systems of any levels for the automation facilities set, composed of:

Measuring facilities and automation equipment for technological parameters

  • Flowmeter survey
  • Heat engineering sensors
  • Signal converters

Measuring facilities and automatic equipment for electrical parameters

Local automation systems for production machinery

  • Local automation systems (control and adjusting)
  • Facilities and monitoring systems

  Low voltage switchgears