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ABS† ZEIM Automation Ė is the leading enterprise of Russian electrical engineering industry, one of the leading Russian producers† of automation engineering process control systems, It is a part of international company ABS Holdings.

Engineering department of† Automatic Engineering process control system is a structural division in the factory, itsí† main purpose is production and delivery of automation equipment and engineering solutions† for domestic and industrial systems.

Specialization of Engineering department of† automatic† engineering process control system (ņ—”“Ō) Ė is engineering and introduction† of automatic† engineering process control systems, automatic systems for commercial accounting of power consumption (ņ— ”›), automatic dispatch control system (ņ—őń”) and other† industrial automation and dispatching systems; introduction† of distributed control systems ( DCS) for automation systems† and energy saving technologies, designing and delivery of packaged automation cabinets on the basis of industrial controllers produced both by JSC "ABS Automation" and other Russian and foreign companies.

Company profile

Heat-power engineering
Implementation† of automation projects, dispatching of engineering processes, creation of calculation and monitoring systems on heat-power engineering facilities (thermal power plants, state owned district power plants, boilers and heat network).

Developing of automatic control systems for

  • steam, power-generating† and water boilers;
  • turbo units, steam turbines, waste-heat boilers;
  • gas-turbine power units
  • all boiler equipment
  • independent boiler plants
  • Heat supply stations ( center and individual)

Power† engineering
Implementation† of automation† projects, dispatching projects† and† introduction of automatic systems for commercial accounting of power consumption on engineering facilities (hydro-electric power stations, thermal power plants, electrical networks, substations).

Implementation† of improvement and retrofitting projects, also automation projects, projects for dispatching of engineering processes , introduction† of automatic systems for commercial accounting of power consumption on facilities of† different industries fields.

Designing† of automatic control systems:

  • for engineering processes in food-manufacturing, chemical, petrochemical, oil, oil and gas refining ,† metallurgy , construction materials industries† etc
  • for thermal processes in food-manufacturing, oil, oil and gas refining industries (process furnaces etc)

Designing of automatic systems for commercial and technical accounting of power and other power recourses consumption at the enterprises.

Housing and engineering equipment for buildings and facilities
Projects implementation of automatic control systems designing, accounting and dispatching systems on different fields of
Automatic dispatcher control system† of houses (house-to-house and door-to-door† accounting of power consumption, indoors access control and etc.);
smart buildings (control of central-heating systems, breathing, air conditioning, cold and hot water running, light pattern† systems and etc.)

Water-supply and water disposal
Projects implementation of automation and dispatching of distributed plants of water-supply engineering and water disposal.
Developing and introduction of multiple-purpose projects of water supply systems restructuring with the use of modern technologies† (also all engineering process automation).

Implementation of projects for automation and dispatching† of gas supply and gas distribution† systems (gas discharge devices, gas distribution stations etc)