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Multi-turn electric actuators (, )

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, and multi-turn electric actuators are designed to transmit torque to a valve to make it rotate by one revolution or more. Electric actuators are designed to actuate shutoff and regulating valves in industrial processes automated control systems in accordance with command signals from regulating and controlling devices.

Make 08, 09, 10, 11 and 12 electric actuators comply with requirements of 2-4.1-212-2008.

Electric actuator functions
  • Automatic, remote or manual opening and closing of valves, positioning of valve locking unit and its stopping in any intermediate position.
  • Indication of opening (closing) progress on a local position indication dial or on a display.
  • Formation of discrete signals of intermediate and limit positions of valve locking unit and of position analog signal.
  • Local and remote control of valve (electric actuators equipped with 1, 2, 3).
  • Adjustment and control of torque (thrust of linear actuators) within wide range.
  • Motor shutdown signal output when valve reaches limit positions (OPEN, CLOSED), upon reaching set torque on output shaft.
  • Protection from overtorque and jamming of valve movable parts (for actuators with torque limiter).

Intelligent actuators with 3

Intelligent actuators with 2

Electric actuators with -2

Electric actuators with

Electric actuators with position indication units