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Intelligent actuators (, 1)

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Intelligent actuators (, 1)

ABS ZEIM Automation is always working at creating of new products and updating of serial products. The plants engineers have developed actuating device controller 1, an electric unit, thankful to which serial and being developed electric drives obtain new properties- they are intelligent. 1 has overall and mounting dimensions of a serial reference mark sensor and is mounted in the electric actuator in its place.

The intelligent electric actuator content:

  • actuating device controller -1
  • electric motor
  • reduction gear box
  • hand drive
  • flange (in electric actuators )

Functional characteristics of intelligent electric actuators equipped with 1:

Electric actuator control:

  • by discrete signals
  • through RS-485 network, MODBUS protocol
  • by analog signals
  • from self- supporting infrared control unit
  • from local control unit

Remote parameters setting:

  • from self- supporting infrared control unit
  • through RS-485 network

Different protection kinds:

  • electric motor overcurrent protection
  • electric actuator overtime operation protection
  • protection against motion absence while command issuing
  • motors overtemperature protection
Simple actuator's tuning on the valves.
Setting by discrete or network signals Failure in preassigned position
Adaptation while positioning. While positioning 1 preliminarily switches off the motor, taking into account electric drives inertia. Errors value is constantly being analyzed for look-ahead periods correcting.
Torque exceeding  control on output shaft (with a torque sensor)
Generic signal "Fault" generation
Standby power supply battery, supporting sensors operation and displaying during 24 hours.
Electronic display of motion, terminal positions, overtorque, faults, battery changing needs
Mechanical current position indicator of the valves operating device
Signaling when the valves operating device reaches intermediate and terminal positions
Overtorque signaling
Setting of valves operating device in position "Open", "Close" with sealing or without it
Control of electrical bay anti-moisture heater depending on the temperature
The range of operating temperatures -40 +60

1 has several modifications with types of control:

  • Discrete control. OPEN, CLOSE commands control, which are generated on the discrete inputs
  • Analog control. Analog signal control (0..5,0..20,4..20,0..10 V)
  • RS-485 network control with MODBUS protocol

There are modifications of 1 with built-in starter or without it, but with the opportunity of external starter control. The modifications of 1 without starters are called smart sensors.

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