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"Actuator + valves" sets

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The company supplies sets of pipeline valves with electric actuators (actuator valves ) of high operating availability , also end-to-end services of actuator valves.

Actuator valves are designed for control of pipe flows parameters (pressure, runoff, temperature, interface level etc). Its widely used in many fields and productions (oil treatment facilities, assembly stations, stock tanks, cooling and water treating, gas distribution net etc)

Parameters rigging is made by means of automatic opening and closing of valves regulating units by signals of control systems.

End-to-end Services include:

  • consulting on equipment selection and integration
  • engineering
  • installation and check out works
  • testing
  • Guarantee maintenance

The advantages of ABS ZEiM Automation actuator valves sets:

1. The simplicity of selection: using the catalogue, you can select the set of necessary configuration and get the product of highly compatible structure: optimal type and size valves with ABS ZEiM Automation electric actuator of necessary version, which is ready for installation and operation activity without secondary extra operations.
2.According to the quality-price ratio ABS ZEiM Automation actuator valves sets are more attractive than foreign and home-produced production with identical parameters.
3. ABS ZEiM Automation gives its guarantee for all the Automation actuators valves set.
4. The sales object is not a separate actuator and valves, but a whole technology system, including engineering, kitting, installation and accompanying services.


Diameter mm

ZEIM electric drives

Torque / forcing on output rod

Throttle gates
Pivot slide gates


Single turn lever type actuators

6,3 10000 Nm

Disk shutters
Disk valves
Ball valves

50 800
25 700
15 250

flanged single-turn electric actuators and single-turn shutoff  electric actuators Ǡ

6,3 4000

Gate valves

50 300

multi-turn electric actuators and

25 300

Saddle valves

25 750

linear crank electric actuators () and linear electric actuators

800 25000