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OJSC "ABS ZEIM Automation (ABS Automation)" provides design and production of  different automatic engineering process control  systems on "turn-key" basis as well as manufactures a wide range of automation means for industrial automation systems.

The company history goes back to 1958 when first home made electric actuators were manufactured. Up to now this has remained the key focus area and we have kept the leading positions in it. Production design and system engineering solution development are carried out by modern research-engineering center and "Engineering" business unit.

Active cooperation with top R&D institutes and bureaus allows maintaining a high level of design and technological solutions.

ABS Automation business activity is based on effective production and management. Significant means are being invested in technical reequipment and modern technologies implementation. The priority is given to the equipment with high level of automation and flexibility of world famous companies permitting to rapid production line adapting for new products and to meet ever-rising customer requirements. Key-role in increase of production effective strength  plays ERP system providing continuous information support to meet the challenges of operative, tactical and strategic management tasks.

TUV Hessen CERT and EUROCAT (Germany) certificates prove compliance with the requirements of quality system  ISO 9001:2000.

The whole production range is certified and corresponds to Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision regulating document requirements. The Testing laboratory and Metrological service are accredited by Federal Technical Regulation and Metrology Agency.

ABS Automation is a highly reputed company as a supplier of reliable equipment approved by long-term and faultless operation in a number of heat and nuclear power utilities, metal, oil, chemical and other sectors of industry.